This is Clayton, co-owner of Enchanting Jewels and Scents. The wife and I have always wanted to be a little more self-reliant and self-sufficient. In order to accomplish this, we had to come up with a solution that would fit into our crazy schedules. We have two boys, still at home and in grade school. One is a special needs child affected by Autism. What this meant to us, was that our options were very limited as to what could be done at home regarding a home-based business.

Well wouldn't you know it, COVID-19 came in and basically solidified our options for us. We did some hard thinking and finally settled upon the idea of designing and crafting hand-made jewelry. Our idea also included using gemstones within a large number of the designs.

Over the next couple of weeks, research was done as well as the needed sourcing of the supplies required. Next, some market research, a few days of more thinking and finally a decision was made. Business was to open. We were hooked on our idea and excited to finally have something to keep us busy and crafty.

After a rough start bringing things to market, we are now here and going strong. Our craftwork is available here on our website, as well as on Etsy, Facebook and Google, and at other online marketplaces. Etsy is the latest location that we have decided to sell our line of jewelry and aromatherapy products.

We are sure you will find something that fits with your style, although if you just can't, we are open to creating custom pieces and will provide a quote upon request.