Enchanting Jewels and Scents


We see you've made it to our main website.  We are still putting things together here and hope that you can bear with the construction mess.

You can check out our store here or head on over to our current store on Etsy if you wish at the link below. There are lots more products listed there as we build this store up.


If you are looking for information about us or about our Jewels and Scents, then hey feel free to click around.

Clayton and Bobbi
Enchanting Jewels and Scents

Our Newest Piece

Autism Charm Necklace and Earring Set

925 Sterling Silver chain with this
beautiful "Autism Awareness" Charm and earrings.
NOW Available!

We Have Resin

Teardrop Resin Earrings

Herbal Encased Glitter in Resin Teardrop Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Hooks and backings included.